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Coal Mining Extraction Technique In India

1 day agonbsp018332Steel production the third most important component with weightage of 17.92 was lower by - 16.4 per cent during the month under review while coal mining with a

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1 day agonbsp018332Steel production, the third most important component with weightage of 17.92, was lower by - 16.4 per cent during the month under review, while coal mining, with a

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Coal is mined by two methods s urface or opencast mining or underground or deep mining. The choice of mining method largely depends on the geology of the coal deposit.

Coal Mining The 2 Most Basic Techniques Of Extraction

Dragline excavators are used for digging softer material and are mainly suitable for loose soil and marshy areas containing water. Therefore, they proves to be efficient for side casting and dredging. It is a cost-effective technology and is cheaper than the shovel-dumper combination. The technique of using dragline excavators is advantageous as it does not have to move inside the pit and can extract minerals by using a bucket operating adjacent to the pit.

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India produces 95 types of minerals and in terms of the quantity produced, most of this is coal. The increase in coal production envisaged in the coming years necessitates the adoption of appropriate technologies for sustainable mining production. To do so, proper resource estimation and mine planning processes are required. This can be done by gathering drill hole and mine

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Jun 30, 2018nbsp018332The cabinet recently issued a notification which allowed Coal India Limited CIL and its subsidiaries to explore and exploit CBM under their current coal mining leases. As per the notification, CIL and its subsidiaries will not have to apply for the grant of a licence lease, under the Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules, 1959, for the extraction ...

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Moreover, the techniques should ensure mass production and must be capable of working in remote locations. Another critical factor to consider is reduction of the carbon footprint in the mining industry by adopting techniques which are environment friendly and do not require blasting. Given that mining is a risky operation, proper safety of labour and good ventilation need to be ensured.


Surface mining and deep underground mining are the two basic. methods adopted for mining coal. The choi ce of mining method depends primaril y on depth of burial, density of the overburden and ...

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Survey information to assess the geological structure. Mining constraints have to be acknowledged for defining the resource requirement. For efficient mine scheduling, designing a three-dimensional mining block is of great relevance. Based on survey information and model studies, estimates of the resource quantity and quality contained in the mining blocks can be used to develop a planned production schedule factoring in the mining constraints.

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This technique is a mass production technology that can be used for underground mining using the bord-and-pillar and shortwall methods. These continuous miners cut and load the mineral deposit into a shuttle car. The shuttle car then hauls the mineral to the feeder breaker which feeds the sized mineral to the conveyor at a consistent rate. A continuous conveying system helps in reducing the time lag between loading and crushing, thus resulting in higher productivity. Moreover, no drilling and blasting is required, which makes it an eco-friendly option.

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To streamline the process of extraction, choosing the right mining technology is a prerequisite. However, challenges pertaining to demand for high quality minerals, high land acquisition costs, and heavy dependence on hired equipment without appropriate manpower for operations create impediments to the introduction of appropriate technologies. Differentiating each technology and determining its efficiency enables a mining company to select the most suitable one.