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Mini Starch Flash Dryer Nigeria

Cassava flour production plant installed in TanzaniaOne day processing 100 tons of tapioca flour processing machinery and equipment

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Cassava flour production plant installed in TanzaniaOne day processing 100 tons of tapioca flour processing machinery and equipment

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Cassava is a very versatile commodity with numerous uses andby products. Each component of the plant can be valuable to its cultivator. Theleaves may be consumed as a vegetable, or cooked as a soup ingredient or driedand fed to livestock as a protein feed supplement. The stem is used for plantpropagation and grafting. The roots are typically processed for human andindustrial consumption. The Handbook lists the numerous uses of cassava in humanconsumption and industrial use.

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Cassava starch processing plant. 2. Cassava starch. The processing technology of cassava starch is the most complicated. It is made by washing cassava and grinding it into slurry, removing fiber, protein, and other impurities to get pure starch and then dehydrate and dry it to get desired quality cassava starch.

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Flash dryer IITA modified the design and fabrication of a locally fabricated flash dryer with Peak Products, Abeokuta, Nigeria. The flash dryer 3tday capacity is well insulated with the product contact surface made of stainless steel and a semiautomated feeder. It could be operated with combined kerosenespent oil.

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Flash drying is defined as the drying of particles that are suspended and conveyed in a hot air stream.Drying starch using a flash dryer is the most economical drying method. The whole process is fully automatic requiring no handling or human involvement.


In addition to the professionalism of our engineer, the customer also learned that we completed an upgrade project for the tapioca starch factory in Indonesia in the last year. We also showed customers in detail the comparison of pictures before and after the renovation of the Indonesian factory. Thailand39s customer and the engineer are very confirmed by our strength. So after visiting our factory and inspecting our equipment on the second day, the customer signed a contract with us.

A cassava industrial revolution in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the consumption pattern varies according toecological zones Table 3-1. Gari, a roasted granule is the dominant productand is widely accepted in both rural and urban areas. It can be consumed withoutany additives or it can be consumed with a variety of additives such as sugar,groundnut, fish, meat and stew.

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Potato starch processing production line machine caseOne day processing 100 tons of potato starch processing machinery and equipment

Cassava flour

The traditional cassava flour processing technology includes cassava-cleaning-crushing-starch extraction-slurry separation-fine filtration a...